No Other Watch Is Necessary When You Have a Seiko 5

Finally, the Seiko 5 Watch has arrived. This legendary budget line is from one of Japan’s most prestigious watchmakers, so if you were to ask a bunch of watch lovers to propose the greatest “cheap” movement on the market, they would likely all agree on this one. The Seiko 5 has “long been revered by those in the know as the most astounding deal in watchmaking by a substantial margin,” says Hodinkee.

The Seiko 5 is a great affordable watch. One discovers a wide and often puzzling new world, like a teen finding Playboy Magazine under Dad’s bed (to borrow a great line from Rescapement). Not just for beginners or bargain hunters. The Seiko 5 features practically every desirable watch function. It’s inexpensive, but also accurate, age-appropriate, and waterproof (a rarity among high-quality watches). It’s the unconventional wristwatch that works for a casual lunch with coworkers and a Friday night supper with pals. Wearing your Seiko 5 about town will catch notice and generate conversations with other watch aficionados. Hodinkee calls it “the most extensively owned and made automatic watch in the world” In 1963, the company’s core market was young counterculture members. Sportsmatic 5 wasn’t your grandfather’s watch. This modern, cheap watch is stylish.

The first five watches innovated in water and shock resistance to develop a successful line of pilot, diver, dress, and military watches. Next, define the name’s origin. If you’ve spent a few minutes trying to determine the Seiko 5’s name, don’t worry; others have too. The line’s name comes from the five features each watch has. What are these four characteristics? You’re right. Stickiness ensues. The Seiko watch has an automatic movement, a date/day display, and water resistance, however… When did this case start? Find a good bracelet. Is a triumph visible from space? Diaflex or Diashock mainsprings are used in complex clocks. Part of the fun of having a Seiko 5 is not knowing.

The Five was redesigned and renamed in 2019. “Seiko 5 Sport” contains 27 watches. Each has a new look, improved water resistance, and a hand- or hack-winding mechanism. “Sports,” “suits,” “specialized,” “street,” and “sense” My Seiko 5 story begins. After seeing a Seiko 5, I realized I’m “not a Watch Guy.” I bought a new watch at the end of last year to mark an important event. Any (dare I say it?) aspiring watch guy will tell you we’ll find any excuse to buy a watch we desire. Despite being the heaviest watch I’ve ever worn, it sits comfortably on my wrist, from the redesigned 5 logos to the inconspicuous ‘automatic’ printed on the dial’s bottom.

To sum up, I adore it, and yes, I may or may not spend long periods of time staring at the second hand as it glides across the watch face; yes, I may or may not have noticed that the color of the dial and bezel matches the tone of much of my wardrobe and even the color of my eyes; and yes, this may or may not be the beginning of a very troublesome and financially crippling watch-buying habit. The essential thing is that, while I may or may not have just developed a keen interest in wristwatches, I can always kick back with my very own Seiko 5. Any respectable watch guy will tell you that’s all you need.

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