Seiko Sportura Chronograph SPC139P1 Men’s Watch: A Closer Look

Seiko is a Japanese watch company founded in 1881 and known for its durable, accurate watches. The Sportura watch collection is ideal for those looking for a low-cost, modern, and stylish quartz-powered timepiece. The Seiko Sportura Chronograph SPC139P1 Men’s Watch is a massive timepiece with copious features and complexity, but at the same time, it remains hugely simple in its design.

The Seiko Sportura Chronograph SPC139P1 Men’s Watch is a beautifully built watch. This is not a watch that needs to scream at you. Rather, this is a watch that whispers in your ear—a voice telling you another story about another person’s life. It’s a simple chronograph that displays the seconds and the minutes on an easily readable dial. It keeps track of events but tells no tales.

The Seiko Sportura Chronograph is the type of watch that you need if you are looking for a simple and functional timepiece. In addition to these features, this watch also comes with chronographs, which allow you to see what time it is in different locations at once. This is perfect if you are a frequent traveler and want to keep track of time zones easily.


  • Chronograph Function

  • It is waterproof to 100 meters, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

  • The big calendar display is at the 12 o’clock position.

  • Tachymeter

  • Split Time Calculator

  • Stainless steel case and bezel

  • Luminous hands and index markers offer the best visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Screw Case Back with Buckle Clasp

  • Sapphire crystal has a special anti-reflective coating that keeps it from scratching. However, if it does get scratched, the coating can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

  • Movement: This watch comes with a quartz movement, which means it does not have a battery to last.


• Extremely low prices

• Separate dials for time zones allow you to see time in two different time zones.

The case of this watch is a very standard size that goes well with just about any outfit. It comes in a variety of different colors, but I prefer silver, as it looks simple yet classy. The hands glow in the dark, which makes it perfect for nighttime reading as well. This Seiko watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can wear it while swimming or doing other water-related activities. However, you should take it off before getting into a pool or bath because it won’t be able to handle the pressure underwater.

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